"To know privilege is to know how to take care of others."


Dr. Tapo Chimbganda is a licensed psychoanalyst, educator, and personal development and relationship coach, and writer.  She worked in higher education in Canada and England but her passion has always been strengthening individuals and families through comprehensive strategies that educate, empower, and enlighten people to meet their goals. Tapo has almost 20 years experience working for community and non-profit organisations, schools, healthcare providers, and in private practice. She has presented at conferences in Australia, Finland, Canada, and other parts of the world; and has been published on matters of mental health, education, the social family, and social justice. ​

  • Tapo is a registered psychotherapist in Canada.

  • Tapo Chimbganda is a licensed psychoanalyst in the US.

  • Tapo Chimbganda is a registered member of the International Association for Relationship Research (IARR).

  • Tapo is a member of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations (ISPSO).

Client Testimonials

Every couple needs help from time to time. We were struggling with accomplishing our career and personal goals because they seemed to contradict what we wanted to achieve together, as a family. Relationship Coaching with Dr. Tapo helped us see how we could privilege our relationship and put each other first. We learned how to support each other's individual dreams and how to challenge each other to be better together and careerwise.

[Emily & Johnny]

I've found Dr. Tapo to be very intuitive and practical in the way she guides and supports me in my career. As a new graduate, it was difficult figuring out how to go about establishing myself as a professional. Her experience and wisdom helped me build a professional network and connect with allies that have helped me land a great job and thrive in my chosen career.  [Antonetta]