Individual Psychoanalysis

Sometimes we cannot self-generate the drive and ambition we need to succeed. At some point in our personal, social, and professional lives, we need help uncovering the blockages and someone who can also guide and motivate us towards our goals. That is why personal development coaching is worthy of your time and money.

What you gain from Psychoanalysis with Dr. Tapo:

  • You will grow and develop through an ongoing process of introspection.

  • Your emotional and unconscious self become more integrated and you will learn how to "keep it together" even during high stress situations.

  • You will learn how to build and maintain relationships that are authentic and  mutually beneficial wherever you go.

  • You will develops insight into the complexities of life and how to navigate your social and professional circles with resilience. 

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Relationship Counseling

Why it works:

The Privileged Space Principle

Using the Privileged Space Principle to manage and build your relationship helps you enhance your inner strength and hidden qualities so that you are the best version of yourself with your partner. The privileged space principles ensures your relationship will continue to grow and thrive even through conflict and difficult times. 

The privileged space principle is a model of relationship counselling that uses a combination of several counselling approaches. It is a client-centered, solution-focused, narrative, and transpersonal style of helping people achieve their relationship goals.

Privileged Space Counselling helps you develop problem-solving, decision-making, goal-setting, and relationship-building skills. 

Apply the principle in all your relationships to make meaningful connections with the people who are important to you. Learn how to maximise on your strengths and positive qualities.

Who Needs Relationship Counselling?

  1. Do you and your partner have communication challenges?

  2. Are you newly married and finding it difficult to adjust to your new status?

  3. Do you want to set and achieve goals that will benefit your relationship?

  4. Are you finding your relationship difficult to sustain?

  5. Do you want your relationship to be a positive and sustainable partnership with many strengths and benefits?

The Benefits of Relationship Counselling with Dr. Tapo:

  • Positive communication and relational skills that safeguard your relationship

  • Constructive problem-solving and decision-making skills that privilege your relationship

  • Relationship goals that are achievable and measurable so that you can continue to grow in your partnership

  • A new way of thinking about, and therefore managing the dynamics of your relationship

  • A clearer understanding of yourself and your partner as individuals; and of your relationship

  • A more loving and generous perspective on relationships.

So go ahead, give Dr. Tapo a call or book one of these services to get started.

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